Top 10 Best Free & Cheap Web Hosting Services (2022)


When getting a website up and running for a business or for yourself, a free or lowcost web hosting service can help you to save on expenses. So in this top ten, it’ll be split into two parts. The first half of this video will cover the five best web hosting services that are completely free, followed by five of the best lowcost hosting providers packed with additional features going over the pros and cons of each. 

Free Website Hosting

Let’s get started. The first of our five free web hosting services is Infinity Free. Of all the free hosting providers, this one is absolutely the best and should be your first choice when looking for free web hosting. 

With a generous number of features included at no cost, it offers truly unlimited bandwidth with up to 5GB of storage. There’s also no limit to the number of subdomains you can have. There are no Ads placed on your website and you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees. 

Infinity Free

also includes 400 MySQL databases, a free DNS service, free SSL certificates for all of your domains, and free Cloudflare CDN. The only downside is that technical support is not offered, so basically you’re on your own using the service. 

Thankfully, they do have an extensive knowledge base and forums that can help you to solve or answer any of your questions.

Bye Host

Here’s the remaining four free hosting services to consider buyet Host, based in the US, has been around for quite a while and hosts more than 1 million websites. 

While they’re known for having great uptime, its features are not as generous as their topfree pick. You get 1GB of storage with up to 50GB of data transfers per month, and you’re limited to one domain with five subdomains. 

But on the positive side, there are no Ads and you get free 24/7 tech support, which is great for those of you that have never used a hosting service before,


Awardspace Web Hosting

is an adfree web hosting service that’s also great for newbies starting out with just enough cool features, making it worthwhile to check out. 

It lets you host one domain with up to three subdomains. It includes a OneClick installer that can be used with Joomla and WordPress content management systems. Also, firewall protection, even for its free users, is enabled to prevent unauthorized access from third parties such as hackers. 

There is a limit of oneGB disk space, and the bandwidth limit each month is 5GB. If you have any problems, Awardspace offers free customer support, which is available.

Free Hostia

is one I’d only recommend for those of you with small websites only with limited content. 

Its storage limit is a paltry 250 megabytes, but does offer up to 6GB of data transfers each month on what they call their free chocolate plan. You can host up to five websites. It includes a one click installer that can be used with WordPress and Joomla, and you also get 24/7 customer support. 

Googie Host

The last of our completely free web hosting services you might want to try is Guggihost, based in India. They offer 1GB of storage and generous 100GB of bandwidth each month, with protection from cloudflare. 

Other free features include one domain with up to two subdomains, free email accounts to MySQL databases to FTP accounts. Twenty four seven support and includes a free website builder with no coding experience needed. Now for our top five low cost web hosting services. And our absolute favorite is Bluehost. It currently hosts more than 2 million websites. And just like the others coming up, we’ll give you more features than the freebies mentioned earlier. 

Blue Host

Bluehost has several plans to choose from. Starting at just 295 per month, the basic plan gives you 50GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, a free domain for the first year, 20 MySQL databases, along with 24/7 customer support. Based in the US.

Host Gator

HostGator is a close second to our top low cost pick only losing out because we find the Bluehost customer support is just slightly better. HostGator’s been around since 2002. I’m sure most of you have heard of it and it’s feature packed with plans starting at 275 per month. 

You get a free domain for the first year, unlimited bandwidth and better than Bluehost. Instead of 50 GB of disk space, you get unlimited storage. If for some reason you don’t like HostGator, they offer a 445 day money back guarantee on all their plans.


Hosting Shared web hosting is a great choice for those of you with small to medium websites. After creating an account, the set up is quite easy walking you through the process. The pricing is quite affordable with plans that start at less than $2 per month. 

But on their basic single shared hosting plan, you’re limited to one website 30 GB of storage and the free domain is not included for not much more, the premium shared hosting plan is a better place to start. Web Hosting is known as one of the best places to get a domain for your website. It’s also a reliable and secure platform for hosting your site. Plans start at 375 per month with unlimited storage and scalable bandwidth, which means if your site outgrows their shared architecture, they’ll work with you on a scalable solution such as virtual private servers. 


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