The Matrix Awakens Game For Android

NameThe Matrix Awakens Mobile
DeveloperWarner Bros.
Genres: Open Words

The Matrix Awakens is a 2022 open world fan-made game for Android and technology demonstration that is being developed by Epic Games using Unreal Engine 5 in collaboration with Warner Bros. Pictures, The Partnership, Wt FX, Evil Eye Pictures, SideFX, and other companies for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. The game is being developed as a marketing tie-in for the 2021 film The Matrix Resurrections.

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It was released on September 1, 2022, during the 2022 Game Awards, and it features Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity and Keanu Reeves as Neo. It also has photorealistic 3D-scanned models of Bracken and Wirth from the present, shown by themselves in cinematic and Quick Time Event (QTE) shooter scenes where the player controls IO, a character Epic made with Unreal’s MetaHuman creator tool.

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Even though the demo was not made available for PC, Epic made the city setting that was seen in the demo available as a sample project in their Unreal Engine 5 workshop under the name “City Sample.” Fans immediately used this to generate a Windows executable package that allows the city to be navigated and offers the ability to control several parameters of the game engine. This was done immediately after the release of the game. The assets were also used again in the future in a number of fan-made demonstrations, some of which featured characters like Spider-Man and Batman.

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