Open World GTA 6 Mobile 2023

Game:GTA 6 Mobile
DeveloperUnreal Engine


This game was developed by GameOnBudget on Unreal Engine 4.

The fan-made game is still under development, you may find updates in the future. The game graphics are amazing you must try it!


  • 2 main characters: man and woman (apparently a couple). Their names are Jason and Lucia.
  • The game is set in modern day Vice City.
  • The game will revolve around robberies and robberies (both characters can be seen robbing stores. Possible co-op?).
  • The game will have stealth mechanics.
  • You can carry a limited amount of guns.
  • You can drop the gun and pick a new one.
  • You can loot stores and containers at docks (can contain vehicles, weapons, cash, etc.).
  • The game still uses the Euphoria physics engine.
  • You can shoot while swimming.
  • You can pick up dead bodies.
  • You can use Vice City Metro to move around the city.
  • Clothes have physics.
  • You can move while hunting.
  • You can move and shoot while crouching.
  • Police are more alert during a shootout.
  • More drive-thru options (you can shoot from the passenger window or cargo bed).
  • Wall cover mechanics similar to GTA 5.
  • You can jump over cover (an animation similar to RDR2).
  • Cars are very interactive (you can adjust the armrest, open the glove box, adjust the seat position, rearview mirror, etc.)
  • More robbery options and behaviors (some NPCs will drop to their knees and you can stop them).

This is a fan-made port, so it won’t give you the full GTA 6 experience. Instead, you should purchase the original copy from the Rockstar Games website for PC or console.

How to install?

First download GTA 6 APK, then click APK to install.

  • Allow installation for GTA 6 in settings.
  • The game is now installed. Enjoy!

Developer Details: GameOnBudget

Game Size: 527MB

Version information: 0.2.1

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