High Graphics Racing Game For Android Similar To Forza Horizon

Another excellent racing game that most people like playing is Forza Horizon. However, currently we have three such Forza Horizon-like high-resolution racing games that are available for mobile devices.

GAME: #1 King Hajwala

a big drifting map The finest automobiles amazing graphics different shooting modes Let’s try whether you can drift more expertly than others.

King Hajwala

GAME: #2 Drive.RS : Open World Racing

unrestricted huge fun open world racing game for mobile that is the biggest, finest, and most realistic. An enormous 64 km2 open world area with 256 km of roads is available for free roam driving, drifting, and racing! Games with racing, drifting, and free roaming super, hyper, JDM, SUVs, trucks, and 4×4 off-road vehicles.

Drive.RS : Open World Racing

GAME: #3 Rally Horizon

Your Rally Horizon Adventure Begins! Enjoy racing with dozens of amazing new supercars on tracks around the world. Every Car Super Class Each car has been specially designed for you, from its sounds to its modifications. The moment you choose your car, you are ready for the big race.

Rally Horizon

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