High Graphics GTA 5 Fan Made 2023

Developer Details:GameOnBudget
Game Size:863MB
Version information:0.2.2

GTAV fanmade by Game OnBudget

You may be unaware of GTA 5 Fan Made Mobile Version Edition for mobile smartphone. To try this amazing game and don’t miss it, try to play it once. All Android mobile users can try the latest GTA-5-like game from Rockstar Games, and while playing this game you can enjoy the gameplay. A realistic experience is sure to come..


  • Traffic (Ai Cars)
  • Ambient sound for realism
  • Minimap and Map panel in the pause menu

This is a fan-made port, so it won’t give you the full GTA 5 experience. You should instead buy the original version from the Rockstar Games website for your PC or console.

How to install?

First download GTA V APK, then click APK to install.

  • Allow installation for GTA 5 in settings.
  • The game is now installed. Enjoy!

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