CarX Drift Racing 2 For Android 2023

Game: CarX Drift Racing 2
Downloads: 10M+


Over 100 million fans around the world have already downloaded the CarX series of games. It’s your time to join!

Beware the dangers of addiction! You might not want to stop and play for several hours.Taking a quick break every 40 minutes is strongly advised.

The game mode you’ve been waiting for! You can now drift in real time with your friends. Get together, pick a location, drift, and earn points.
Earn valuable rewards for achieving different ranks.
Watch other players drift using the drone camera.

Visual Autotune
Replace mirrors, lights, running boards, bumpers, and many other parts;
Create a unique image of your car with body kits, rims, etc.;
Use vinyls to stick out, with your final result limited only by your imagination.

improved performance tuning
– Adjust your suspension, springs, tyre air pressure, wheel angle, and other components;
Tune the engine, turbine pressure, gear box, brakes, and locking differential. You can show some quality drifting only if you have your car tuned to your needs.

The most true-to-life racing on a mobile platform
Check out the all-new, improved steering control, perfect for quick side changes, backwards, and drift donuts. We have put in over 1000 work hours to bring in the improvements.
– Discover how tyre pressure influences driving physics.We ran a number of field tests with real drift cars to collect and analyse telemetric data to offer improved gaming.
– Gain muscle car driving experience and be ready for drifting tasks.
– Test how realistic the steering and car control are on various surfaces such as asphalt, sand, grass, and snow.
Enjoy true-to-life driving on detailed tracks.

You will be racing twice. The first time you race in a tandem drift, you will be the leader, and the second time you will be the follower, actually following yourself.
For the first time in the world of video games, tandem drifting is evaluated based on the CarX XDS Evaluation System, which consists of 100 score points. The CarX XDS Evaluation System is completely based on the professional evaluation system used in real-world drift competitions.
– The XDS mode is ideal for practising tandem drifting because it allows for quick swapping of cars for both the leader and the follower, experimenting with tyre pressure, attempting different driving trajectories for the leader, and then immediately switching to practising the follower’s role.
XDS is your chance to prepare to compete against real racers.

– Sign up, practice, and pass the qualification to compete against the best drifters in the world.
beat each tournament stage to climb the bracket and walk away a champion.
Pick up valuable rewards after each tournament round.

Compete against real people in online championships;
Take the first place in the available league;
Race in tandems and get access to premium vehicles.

Create your own club or join one that already exists.
Show your friends that you are the best at car drifting.
communicate with other players and club members, and share game news.

Earn play-cash by winning race cups.
Get access to over 65 sports cars and new tracks;
Run the “Ghost” mode to polish your skills.

It’s the next step in drift racing simulators.
CarX Drift Racing 2 offers an unprecedented and realistic experience of driving real sports cars on one of many race tracks available throughout the game. If you enjoy side-drifting, prepare to dive into the game and enjoy it for hours.
Pull the handbrake to skid.
Draw ornaments on the asphalt with your burning tires;
Get the most out of your car and fill the air with smoke.

Keep in mind:
Your profile saves all earned play-cash, purchased cars, and tracks.Make sure you have an internet connection for a stable gaming experience!
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