Ball V Red Boss Challenge

APK NameValue
App NameBall V – Red Boss Challenge
Latest Version2.3.1
Release DateSeptember 14, 2022
Publisher NameMGIF Games
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
File Size45 MB

Ball V – Red Boss Challenge

Ball V is an exciting 2D physics-based platformer featuring a bouncing ball, suitable for players of all ages. This game is packed with creative level designs that will surely captivate you. If you are a fan of the bounce ball series, then Ball V: Red Boss Challenge is the perfect game dedicated to you.

Embark on a thrilling journey with the Red Ball as it transforms into the heroic Ball Hero. Your mission is to defeat evil enemies and powerful bosses in order to save the world. The story unfolds when a menacing red boss emerges, disrupting the peace of the roller ball world. The Red Ball’s friends and the charming bounce ball princess have been captured and enslaved. As the Red Ball hero, you must navigate through 200 exhilarating levels filled with challenges to rescue your ball friends and secure their survival.

Think it’s an easy task? Think again. This adventure will test the Red Ball’s mettle against the forces of evil. Harness the power of the giant Red Ball and acquire special abilities along the way. Control the ball hero with precision, rolling, jumping, and bouncing skillfully to guide the bounce ball towards the final door. As the challenges intensify, you’ll encounter surprising items and unexpected twists that make the ball adventure even more thrilling.

Key Features: ⭐ Red Ball Adventure Platformer ⭐ Over 200 platform levels with diverse puzzles ⭐ Seasons and varied levels, such as Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter ⭐ Encounter a wide range of geometric monsters ⭐ Epic battles between Red Ball and numerous bosses ⭐ Unlock Red Ball Skins and over 30 superhero skins ⭐ Special skins that enhance roller ball abilities ⭐ Immersive sound effects ⭐ Exciting game mechanics ⭐ Stunning graphics

How to Play:

  • Use the right and left arrow keys to roll the red ball
  • Press the up key to make the red ball jump higher, and jump on the monsters’ heads to defeat them
  • Collect 3 stars in each level to achieve higher rankings on the bounce ball leaderboard
  • Defeat monsters to earn more points
  • Gather all the coins
  • Purchase additional skins and power-ups in the store
  • Challenge difficult bosses and save the ball world

Ball V – Red Boss Challenge is designed for players seeking thrilling rolling ball challenges, aiming to become the ultimate Ball Hero champion. It offers a fun and engaging roller ball experience that stimulates your cognitive abilities, as you swiftly navigate through each level. Download this classic ball hero game now and immerse yourself in an exciting bounce ball adventure.

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